Contactable is an app for Android and iOS that gives you complete control over the information others have about you, whilst at the same time taking away the hassle of maintaining their contact information by allowing them to update automatically into your device’s address book.

Diff Design created with the concept and design of the User Interface (UI) for the native app, as well as designing the app icons, and marketing collateral. Check out the app here: App Store

2014 saw Contactable approach Diff Design to design and develop a new, fully responsive website, that was clean and clearly relayed the core benefits of the app, to both an individual user and an organisation. We have also been involved in designing various digital and print collateral that the team at Contactable have needed for marketing to both individuals and organisations. The App will get a full UI Makeover in 2016.

“Working with Diff Design has been a breath of fresh air. Their quality of work is brilliant and the caliber of talent is amazing. That been said however, their greatest asset lies in the collective personalities that constitute Diff Design. As a client one only ever feels right at home with the team.

Not sure if it’s a Durban thing but either way the benefit of such homely comfort is that projects can be discussed openly and honestly like a conversation taking place amongst family. This in turn allows communication to flow freely, ideas to be swapped without prejudice and brainstorming to take place in a user-friendly environment. All the ingredients needed to deliver the excellent product that Diff Design is capable of delivering. They come, and have been, highly recommended!”

Jason Shedden
Contactable – Director