Boasting some of the finest experiences, people and places, there is absolutely no doubt that Durban is a city that deserves to be cemented in good memories as well as hold a place close to heart. It’s bursting with colour, talent, creativity and an energy that just won’t quit. It is raw and it is beautiful. It is home.

Thus, it is safe to say we were once again thrilled to get involved in Durban patriotism and the Durban Community Tourism Organisation. The Durban CTO is a committee of tourism industry specialists with a sheer passion for Durban and in getting it to the top of Africa’s tourist destination list. It’s not everyday that you get to brag about a love for a beautiful city without sounding pretentious, and to have the opportunity to put it into a visual guide is even more exciting.

We recently designed the Durban CTO brochure Central Durban Information Guide – a first hand look at all the beauty and all there is to do in our wonderful city. From the overall design, right down to the quirky tips on how to ‘speak Durban’, we were actively involved in some true Durban Love.

#1 – “Lekker”

The South African alternative to ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or ’superb’! 

As though the word itself beams an ear-to-ear smile, ‘lekker’ is the most commonly used South African term to show appreciation for something.

So be sure to pay attention, ‘lekker’ could be anything from a great meal to a great set of legs!

In 2014 we were fortunate enough to get involved in the advertising and management of their ‘Durban Fun Season’campaign, that runs throughout winter and serves as a first hand guide to, well, Durban Fun. From a fully responsive website to design work to social media management, we covered it and were thrilled to do so!